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Going rafting on Mendoza Rivers


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On our way, we connect ourselves with an intense as well as challenging nature. We can enjoy sleeping under the sky at night on a mountain range, going rafting on Mendoza Rivers or enjoying the Sun on a Brazilian beach.

Southern Argentina

The beautiful Southern Argentina

Northern Argentina

We can sleep under the sky full of stars at night on the mountain range


Gramado, Canela, Florianopolis, Camboriu, Bombinhas …and so on

Exploring South America in a single and exclusive way with

Firefighter Adventure!


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About us

We are a couple, who share the same eager to explore the world. So, some years ago, we decided to start.

Travelling without destination or plans, every year, we fell in love with the beauty the planet offers, letting us meet such breathtaking landscapes.

Although at the beginning we made our trips on a motorbike, we soon started to consider the idea of a new project, which allows us to stay in a comfortable place and also enables us to choose where to stay.


Firefighter Adventure

After a few years waiting, the much-desired Firefighter Adventure arrived.
It was a firefighter engine which arrived in Uruguay because of a German donation and after some years in operation, we made it ours.

At some point we used to think it was a crazy idea, but later, time made us think it wasn’t. We worked really hard and could finally turn that firefighter engine into our Motor Home.

Then, our South American adventure started. On one of that trips, it came to our minds the idea of sharing our experiences with other people and that’s where our project of this webpage begins.

All this on 20 days and over 3500 km of adventure. The main idea is to show you how beautiful is to travel and discover fantastic places.

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